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Setting your active course calendar

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You can switch your current org unit by changing your active course calendar. Select a course from the calendar menu to activate it.

Any event instructors create, and any schedule you view, applies to the course and is viewable in the calendar content area.

The active calendar is the course named in the mini calendar menu. You can set your active calendar by clicking on one or more courses in the mini calendar menu.

Active calendars in the calendar menu

Because you can seamlessly move from one course to another using the Calendar tool, instructors can plan schedules simultaneously for multiple courses, by day, week, or month. For more information, see "Quick create" an event.

Note Even when you set your current calendar, the calendar content area will, by default, show events from all the courses listed in the calendar menu. To filter the view, click the Remove Calendar icon by the course's name you wish to remove from view in the calendar menu.

Set your active course calendar

Click on a course name from the calendar menu.


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