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Creating a general (course) chat room

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General chats exist within specific org units and are only accessible from the org unit in which they are created.

Before creating a general chat, make sure to access the Chat tool from the appropriate org unit homepage. For example, if you want to add a chat to a course offering, click Chat on that course's navigation bar.

All users in the org unit have access to the general chat. You can create multiple chats for the same org unit, such as "Midterm Review" and "Final Review."

Create a general chat room

  1. On the Chat List page, click New Chat.
  2. Enter a Title.
  3. Click General Chat.
  4. Enter a Description of the chat.
  5. Click Create.

Tip It is a good idea to enter a description to help other users identify the chat, since they might have access to other chats with similar names.


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